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Kohnen, W. Nr.1: On Siegel modular forms (October 1995)
Friedman, E.; Skoruppa, N.P. Nr.2: Relative regulators of number fields  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Gritsenko, V. A.; Nikulin, V.V. Nr.3: The Igusa modular forms and “the simplest“ Lorentzian Kac-Moody Algebras
Guerzhoy, P. Nr.4: Jacobi forms and a two-variable p-adic L-function  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Böcherer, S.; Schmidt, C.G. Nr.5: p-adic Measures attached to Siegel Modular Forms
Hironaka, Y. Nr.6: Spherical functions and local densities on hermitian forms
Pink, R. Nr.7: Compact Subgroups of Linear Algebraic Groups  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Pink, R. Nr.8: The Mumford-Tate Conjecture for Drinfeld-Modules  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Kato, F. Nr.9: Die Taniyama-Vermutung nach Wiles und Taylor
Guerzhoy, P. Nr.10: A p-adic Family of Klingen - Eisenstein Series  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Pink, R. Nr.11: l-Adic Algebraic Monodromy Groups, Cocharacters, and the Mumford Tate Conjecture  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Kohnen, W. Nr.12: Non-vanishing of Hecke L-functions associated to cusp forms inside the critical strip  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Kohnen, W. Nr.13: On a conjecture of Resnikoff and Saldaña  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Choie, Y.; Kohnen, W. Nr.14: Rankin's method and Jacobi forms  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Böcherer, S.; Brunier, J. H.; Kohnen, W. Nr.15: Non-vanishing of scalar products of Fourier-Jacobi coefficients of Siegel cusp forms  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Borcherds, R. E.; Freitag, E. Nr.16: Siegel cusp form of degree 12 and weight 12  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.; Hunt, B. Nr.17: A remark on a theorem of Runge  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Kaiser, Ch.; Schröder, M. Nr.18: A proof of the explicit Langlands reciprocity law for unramified L-group homomorphisms associated to elementary quasi-characters
Heim, B. Nr.19: Über Poincaré Reihen und Restriktionsabbildungen  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Böcherer, S. Nr.20: Bilinear holomorphic differential operators for the Jacobi group  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Pink, R. Nr.21: Hodge Structures over Function Fields  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Runge, B. Nr.22: Endomorphism rings of abelian surfaces and projective models of their moduli spaces  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Bruinier, J.H. Nr.23: Non-vanishing modulo of Fourier coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.; Hunt, B. Nr.24: The dual of the invariant quintic (Februar 1998)  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Kohnen, W.; Ono, K. Nr.25: Indivisibility of class numbers of imaginary quadratic fields and orders of Tate-Shafarevich groups of elliptic curves with complex multiplication (March 1998)  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Breulmann, S. Nr.26: On Hecke eigenforms in the Maaß space (May 1998)  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.; Hermann, C.F. Nr.27: Some modular varieties of low dimension (May 1998) [dvi]
Böcherer, S.; Schulze-Pillot, R. Nr.28: Squares of automorphic forms on adelic quaternion algebras (May 1998)  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Schlichenmaier, M. Nr.29: Sugawara construction for higher genus Riemann surfaces (May 1998)  [pdf]  [ps.gz]
Breulmann, S.; Kuß, M. Nr.30: On a conjecture of Duke-Imamoglu  [pdf]  [ps.gz]