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1998  (14)

Kemper, G.; Malle, G. Invariant rings and fields of finite groups [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Müller, P.IWR Arithmetically exceptional functions and elliptic curves [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Klüners, J.; Acciaro, V.IWR Computing Local Artin Maps, and solvability of norm equations [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Müller, P.IWR Hilbert´s Irreducibility Theorem for prime degree and general polynomials [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Müller, P.IWR Kronecker Conjugacy of polynomials [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Klüners, J.IWR On computing subfields - a detailed description of the algorithm [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Bruinier, J.H.Nr.1 Borcherdsprodukte und Chernsche Klassen von Hirzebruch-Zagier-Zyklen [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Deitmar, A.; Hoffmann, W.Nr.2 On limit multiplicities for spaces of automorphic forms [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Deitmar, A.; Hoffmann, W.Nr.3 Spectral estimates for towers of noncompact quotients [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Larsen,M.J.; Pink, R.Nr.4 Finite Subgroups of Algebraic Groups [pdf]   [ps.gz]

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