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2002  (12)

Schlichenmaier, M.; Karabegov, A.V.Nr.1 Almost Kähler deformation quantization [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Bruinier, J.H.; Kühn, U.Nr.1 Integrals of automorphic Green´s functions associated to Heegner divisors [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Schlichenmaier, M.Nr.10 Higher genus affine algebras of Krichever - Novikov type [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Bueltel, O.Nr.11 l-adic Monodromy of abelian Varieties in Characteristic p [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Schmidt, A.Nr.2 Relative K-groups and class field theory for arithmetic surfaces [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Venjakob, O.Nr.3 A noncommutative Weierstrass preparation theorem ans applications to iwasawa theory
Schmidt, A.; Zainoulline, K.Nr.4 Generic Injectivity for etale cohomology and prethories [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Schlichenmaier, M.; Fialowski, A.Nr.5 Global deformations of the witt algebra of krichever-novikov type [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.Nr.6 The Burkhardt Group and Modular Forms [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Weselmann, U.; Ballmann, J.; Weissauer, R.Nr.7 Remarks on the Fundamental Lemma for stable twisted Endoscopy of Classical Group [pdf]   [ps.gz]

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