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2005  (9)

Bartels H.J.; Malinin, D.A.Nr.1 Finite Galois stable subgroups of GLn
Choie, Y.; Kohnen, W.Nr.2 Diagonalizing ``bad´´ Hecke operators on space of cusp forms
Choie, Y.; Kohnen, W.; Ono, K.Nr.3 Linear relations between modular form coefficients and non-ordinary primes
Omamoglu, Ö.; Kohnen, W.Nr.4 Representations of integers as sum of an even number of squares
Kohnen, W.Nr.5 A very simple proof for the q-product expansion of the Delta-Function
Kohnen, W.; Martin, Y.Nr.6 On product expansions of generalized modular forms
Kohnen, W.; Sengupta, J.Nr.7 On the first sign change of Hecke eigenvalues of newforms
Kohnen, W.; Salvati-Manni, R.Nr.8 On the theta series attached to D^+_m - lattices
Kohnen, W.; Sankaranarayanan, A.; Sengupta, J.Nr.9 The quadratic mean of automorphic L-functions

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