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C  (6)

Campbell, H.E.A.; Kemper, G.; Shank, R.J.; Wehlau, D.L.; Hughes, I.P.Depth of Modular Invariant Rings, Transformation Groups (IWR 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Chiera, F.L.Theta series and trace operators for Gamma_n[q] (Nr.10 2001) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Chiera, F.L.Type II codes over Z/2kZ invariant rings and theta series (Nr.8 2003)
Choi, Y.J.; Kohnen, W.Special values of Koecher-Maas series of Siegel cusp forms (Nr.14 2000)
Choie, Y.; Kohnen, W.; Ono, K.Linear relations between modular form coefficients and non-ordinary primes (Nr.3 2005)
Choie, Y.; Kohnen, W.Diagonalizing ``bad´´ Hecke operators on space of cusp forms (Nr.2 2005)

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