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F  (14)

Fialowski, A.; Schlichenmaier, M.Global deformations of the witt algebra of krichever-novikov type (Nr.5 2002) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.; Allock, D.Cubis surfaces and Borcherds product (Nr.4 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.; Bruinier, J.H.Local Borcherds products (Nr.8 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.; Oura, M.A Theta Relation in Genus 4 (Nr.6 1999) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.; Salvati Manni, R.The Burkhardt Group and Modular Forms 2 (Nr.4 2003) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.Some modular forms related to cubic surfaces (Nr.21 1999) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.Modular embeddings of Hilbert Modular Surfaces (Nr.6 2003) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.A graded algebra related to cubic surfaces (Nr.6 2001) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.Comparison of different models of the moduli space marked cubic surfaces (Nr.7 2001) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Freitag, E.The Burkhardt Group and Modular Forms (Nr.6 2002) [pdf]   [ps.gz]

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