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V  (8)

V.d. Put, M; Matzat, B.H.Iterative differential equations and the Abhyankar conjecture (IWR 2001) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Venjakob, O.On the Iwasawa theory of p-Adic extensions (Nr.3 2001) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Venjakob, O.On the structure theory of the Iwasawa algebra of p-Adic lie group (Nr.4 2001) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Venjakob, O.A noncommutative Weierstrass preparation theorem ans applications to iwasawa theory (Nr.3 2002)
Venjakob, O.Characteristic Elements in noncommutative Iwasawa Theory (Nr.12 2003)
Venkov, B.; Nebe, G.; Bachoc, C.Odd unimodular lattices of minimum 4 ( 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Venkov, B.; Nebe, G.On Siegel modular forms of weight 12 (Nr.5 2000)
Vogel, D.; Wiese, G.; Kemper, G.; Körding, E.; Malle, G.; Matzat, B.H.A Database of Invariant Rings (IWR 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]

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