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W  (13)

Wehlau, D.L.; Kemper, G.; Shank, R.J.; Hughes, I.P.; Campbell, H.E.A.Depth of Modular Invariant Rings, Transformation Groups (IWR 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Weissauer, R.; Fulea, D.; Ballmann, J.Endoskopische Gruppen der unverzweigten einfachen Gruppen (Nr.23 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Weissauer, R.; Fulea, D.; Ballmann, J.Abstieg anisotroper Konjugationsklassen (Nr.17 1999) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Weissauer, R.A remark on the existence of Whittaker models for L-packets of automorphic representations of Gs (4) (Nr.24 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Weissauer, R.Doppelnebenklassen in der symplektischen Gruppe Gs(2n) (Nr.25 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Weissauer, R.Four dimensional Galois Reprensentations (Nr.26 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Weissauer, R.Double Cosets for Classical Groups in the Unramified Case (Nr.27 2000) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Weissauer, R.Integral forms for \Gamma_0(pn) (Nr.8 2002) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Weselmann, U.; Ballmann, J.; Weissauer, R.Remarks on the Fundamental Lemma for stable twisted Endoscopy of Classical Group (Nr.7 2002) [pdf]   [ps.gz]
Wewers, S.; Dettweiler, M.Variation of local systems and parabolic cohomology (Nr.10 2003) [pdf]   [ps.gz]

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